Today's smartphones are relatively new, but research is raising serious concerns about their long-term health impacts. Microwave radiation at the levels we get from our cell phones is linked to damage to the nervous, reproductive, and immune systems. There is particular concern for children, teens, and young adults, who are increasingly heavy users but whose growing bodies are also more vulnerable to the radiation. Some studies have found those who start using cell phones as teens have a greater health risk than than those who started as adults.

So a giant experiment is underway:

We have heavy users exposed to a lot of cell phone radiation and those who take precautions.

Woman on cell phone Woman on cell phone

In the meantime, you can choose which group you and your children join - the risk-takers or


All wireless devices emit microwave radiation. They send out these signals whether you are using them or not. But there are simple precautions you can take to ensure you're part of the control group. See below.

Use a headset or speakerphone during calls with the phone away from your body. The intensity of radiation reduces sharply with distance.

Store your cell phone away from your body (i.e. not in your pocket, bra, or beneath your pillow). When we place the phone in our pocket or bra, there is little to no bone to block the radiation, so our internal organs absorb more of it.

Choose hard-wired internet connections. Request non-wireless routers for internet access.

Turn wireless connections (phone, router, gaming) off at night. Even when you are not talking or texting, the cell phone emits regular bursts of radiation to the nearest cell tower to keep tabs on your location. These are called "handshakes" and they only stop when the wireless connection is turned off.

Turn wireless devices off in the car. The radiation emitted is higher as phones search for signals. Plus, the metal surroundings of your car intensifies exposure.

At home, use wired devices: corded phones, wired gaming devices, wired speakers, etc.

Special advice for parents
and soon-to-be parents:

Note: Children are more vulnerable to radiation from wireless devices. Their brains and immune systems are still developing. They also absorb more radiation because their skulls are thinner. When exposed to a cell phone, they receive 2X the exposure that adults do in the brain and 10X in the bone marrow of the skull as pointed out by the American Academy of Pediatrics in an open letter to the FCC.

If your child is using a wireless device, put it in airplane mode with WiFi “off" to prevent radiation emission.

Avoid carrying or resting your cell phone or other wireless devices (laptops, tablets, etc.) on or near your pregnant belly.  Children and teenagers (expecting or not) should avoid resting these devices on the lower belly.

Men should be aware that studies show wireless radiation can damage sperm, so avoid placing cell phones in your pockets.