Why Worry About Smartphones?

In this day and age, we all love our smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices. There's no doubt these devices have made our lives more connected, more convenient, and downright more fun.

But there's an experiment going on. Our wireless devices emit microwave radiation, and studies are showing it can damage the nervous, reproductive, and immune systems. Other studies are showing it can alter brain activity, and the World Health Organization has categorized this radiation as possibly carcinogenic (cancer-causing) in humans. The problem is, we won't know all the details of this radiation's impact on our health for years so in this way, we're all part of an experiment. We have a group of heavy users exposed to a great deal of radiation, and a control group that takes precautions.

Currently, cell phone companies instruct us to keep our phones specific distances from our bodies (the specific distance varies by manufacturer). Without following those instructions, we can be exposed to radiation levels that are higher than tested levels. As an example, there are a number of patient reports of young women diagnosed with unusual breast cancers after storing their cell phones in their bras against bare skin.  In addition to their instructions, cell phone companies also provide advice on how to reduce your radiation exposure, such as using a headset or speakerphone mode during calls.  

Surprised by that? We were too, because that
fine print is usually buried where no one can find it.

That's why we have a simple ask.

Instead of burying this important safety information in user manuals that are rarely read, we would like the FCC and cell phone manufactures to put this fine print up front where we can see it.  That way we can all take smarter steps to keep ourselves and our families safe while using the products we love.

Everyone should have access to the information they need to be a part of the control group rather than part of an experiment. If you agree, act now to tell the cell phone manufactures to bring the fine print to light, and check out our safety tips to learn how to reduce radiation exposure when using the products you love.